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SmartSDR V3 (multFLEX) supported!


Released in October 2015, dogparkSDR is the first Native Mac client for the Flex 6000 series radios.

"I’m sitting in the Auckland airport, using dogparkSDR to copy CW on 20m from Mt Um. Clear as can be. Awesome piece of SW Don ! "
- Kevin Rowett (K6TD)

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dogparkSDR is a native Mac application, written from the ground up to take full advantage of macOS unique capabilities and interact as you would expect a Mac user interface to operate. It was designed to be a window into your Flex 6000 series radio and takes care of setting and displaying radio parameters, displaying the Panadapter and Waterfall as well as routing the radio audio in and out of the Mac.

DXCluster spots from MacLoggerDX , dogparkSDR Memories are displayed in the panadapter and can be clicked for quick tuning and lookup. The FlexControl is supported as is Local and Remote (Mac) Audio, Tracking Notch Filters (TNF), DL3LSM's xDAX, CWX with macros, local sidetone, radio Memories and SmartLink remote access.

The current release is limited to a maximum of 4 Pandapters and 4 Slice receivers. It has been tested with SSDR v2.4.9, v2.5.1, & v3.0.27.

You will still need the SmartSDR client running on a Windows PC or a Mac running Parallels, or a FlexRadio Maestro to install new radio firmware, or to setup USB cables connected to the radio.


Download: v1.17

Download: v1.18b10

Older Versions



dogparkSDR must be registered to work beyond the 20 minute time limit. (You can run the 20 minute demo as many times as you like). We encourage you to download the free demo and first make sure that it meets your requirements before you register since we cannot issue refunds.

Single User License, electronic download $95.00 USD.

After registering with PayPal, press the Email Serial button in the dogparkSDR Registration preferences to send your local radio's serial number to us so that we can generate a registration number for you. You may only register radios you own and use personally.