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Origin of the Dog Park Name

The Dog Park Software Ltd. offices are situated on the Scarborough Bluffs near the Rosetta McClain Gardens in Toronto, on the shores of Lake Ontario. The original owners of the property donated the land to the City of Toronto in 1959 with the proviso that the family dog cemetery be left undisturbed - there buried are Doctor, Buffs, Dogs, Duart, Dooley and Moses - hence the colloquial name 'Dog Park'.

Dog Park Software Ltd.
8 Cliffcrest Drive,
Toronto Ontario Canada
M1M 2K2

Tech-Support: please use email, 9-5 EST Mon-Fri.
We read all email and respond to as many as possible.
We are not able to telephone, reply to Twitter DMs, review videos or log in remotely.

Rosetta McClain Gardens "Dog Park"
Don Agro VE3VRW
The Agro Family