dogparkSDR Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Manual ?

Since dogparkSDR and the Windows client are both designed to control the same server (radio) the SmartSDR for Windows Software User's Guide is a great reference for dogparkSDR users. If you don't find an answer to your questions here in the Online Help then please refer your question to one of the support email reflectors. There are lots of helpful people there who can answer your question:

Where are the Panadapters?

Add Panadapter from the File menu.

What is Mac Audio?

When the Mac Audio check box is checked in the Radio prefs the Flex will send received audio to the Mac audio Output device selected in the Audio prefs and take audio input from the microphone on your Mac selected by the Audio prefs Input popup. When the Mac Audio check box is unchecked the Flex will send received audio to the Flex headphone jack and back panel amplified speaker jack and take audio input from the Flex microphone or auxillary jack based on the Radio prefs Microphone Selection popup. Mac Audio depends on the Mac to set the Mic level while the Flex microphone or ACC level can be adjusted by the Audio prefs Mic slider. There is a master output volume slider and enable check box in the Radio prefs, as well as an enable check box, volume and pan slider for each slice.

How do the profiles work ?

dogparkSDR has no direct control over the contents of any profile. It can create, delete and load a profile by name.

How do I change the radio name ?

If you want to change the Radio Call Sign or Name - click twice (slower than a double-click) on the field in the Registration prefs Local radio table while the radio is connected and enter the new value.

The display is a little jumpy on my old laptop can I speed it up ?

The amount of CPU resources needed for dogparkSDR can be reduced by dropping the Panadapter Frames Per Second (fps) slider and reducing the Waterfall Duration slider in the Panadapter Prefs.

I think I messed it up - how do I return to defaults ?

Your prefs file may have been corrupted. Unexplained crashes or other odd program behaviour that are not widely reported are sometimes due to a corrupted Prefs file.

Hold down the Option key when starting dogparkSDR

...then select Reset.

If done correctly, you will need to enter your registration number again.

Make sure you take screen shots of your Prefs Panels to make restoring your settings easier.