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Site Use Policy, Jan 30, 2004


This Web site is owned and operated by Dog Park Software Ltd. We realize that visitors to this site may be concerned about the information they provide to us. This Privacy Policy addresses those concerns. This policy may be changed or updated from time to time.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at:

Dog Park Software Ltd.
8 Cliffcrest Drive
Scarborough Ontario Canada
M1M 2K2

Our Policy

Dog Park Software Ltd. uses its best efforts to respect the privacy of its online visitors. At our site, we do not collect personally identifiable information from individuals unless they provide it to us voluntarily and knowingly. This means we do not require you to register or provide information to us in order to view our site. Dog Park Software Ltd. only gathers personally identifiable data, such as names, addresses, zip/postal codes, e-mail addresses, etc., when voluntarily submitted by a visitor. This information is used solely by Dog Park Software Ltd. or other entities who are involved in the operation of this site for internal purposes. Dog Park Software Ltd. lists are never sold to third parties.

We will only share personally identifiable information with third parties when (i) the person submitting the information authorizes us to share it; (ii) sharing the information is a necessary operation of the site, for instance, to process a credit card transaction, or (iii) we are required to by law. Dog Park Software Ltd. has no control over or responsibility for the data collection and use practices of third parties that process online credit card transactions. We encourage you to discuss these concerns with those parties your bank has authorized to process your credit information

Personal Information Security

There is a minimum of information kept on the site about Dog Park Software Ltd. customers limited to email address for mailing list subscribers.


This website currently does not use "cookies", however visitors should be aware that "cookies" may be used at sites that are logically linked to Dog Park Software Ltd.

Popup Advertising

Dog Park Software Ltd. does not use or authorize popup advertising on this site. If you notice a popup advertisement while visiting our website it generally indicates that you have arrived at our site through an indirect path that is not part of Dog Park Software Ltd. We would advise you to close your browser, and start a new browser session at http://www.dogparksoftware.com to insure that your browser session is not occurring outside the domain of this privacy policy.