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Ham Logging Software for Macintosh

MacLoggerDX User Contributed Version 4 AppleScripts...

Scripts are released as contributed but if you have any questions about them please ask on the Dog Park Reflector.

MacLoggerDX manual page on AppleScripting

Download "Open Jupiter TX.scpt" 

Contributed by Bill Mahaffey (W6EET) 14-February-2005

This script will open the TX on the Ten-Tec Jupiter.

Download "cocoaModem Scripts" 

Contributed by Richard Provençal (VE2OTT) 5-Feb-2006

  • Set_PSK sets the radio mode (IC-756 ProII USB-D) and frequency.
  • Lookup grabs the call from cocoaModem and launches a LookUp in MLDX.
  • Log_QSO logs the QSO in MLDX.
  • cocoaModem_to_MLDX_PSK
    • set frequency and mode to USB-D
    • grab a call from cocoaModem and set MLDX
    • do a lookup in MLDX.
    • log the QSO with the right mode label that is PSK.
  • Log cocoaModem QSO to MLDX
    • With help from Cok Chen and the new scripting features of cocoaModem and MLDX, we came up with an applescript to log QSO,s from cocoaModem to MLDX. The script works for any mode in cocoaModem. Please warn people that they will need to use cocoaModem 2.0 v0.19 or newer.

If you want to run AppleScripts from the Function Keys - have a look at David Stark's freeware XKeys

There is an introductory AppleScript Manual available for download here.

There are also user-contributed scripts in the File section of the MacLoggerDX Yahoo Group