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Amateur Radio Logging Software Database

MacLoggerDX - AppleWorks 6 and FileMaker Pro Databases

  • The MacLoggerDX AppleWorks or FileMaker Pro Databases allow you to quickly import your MacLoggerDX log files into an AppleWorks 6 or FileMaker Pro Database file for additional processing or printing.
  • Using the AppleWorks or FileMaker Pro Databases you can perform sorts, searches, archive multiple logs and generate reports.
  • Free addition to MacLoggerDX.

Instructions (AppleWorks 6)
  • Download the AppleWorks 6 Database file.
  • Open it in AppleWorks 6.
  • From the File Menu "Insert..."
  • Choose "All Available" from the File Format popup.
  • Select the "log.dat" file you want to import.
  • Accept the default field order.
  • MLDX_DB.cwk will be populated with your MacLoggerDX QSO records and you can manipulate them the way your would any other AppleWorks Database file.

  • MacLoggerDX
  • AppleWorks 6 or FileMaker Pro


On 12-Jan-05, Michael Sheleheda (K4MTS) wrote:
Don - Just had a chance to download the DB file tonight and it works great ! Thanks again for adding another great feature to MLDX! I think the first thing I'll use it for is a list of worked and QSL'd grid squares for 6M and 2M.
73 !