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Amateur Radio Logging Software 3D World display option

MacLoggerDX - 3D Option - A whole new dimension in log visualization !

3D Option Manual Page...

Features (500 MHz+ CPU recommended)
  • The MacLoggerDX 3D Option displays a true 3D model of the earth complete with accurate grayline terminator, 12 degree grayline corridor and Sun shading.
  • Instantly switch back and forth between 2D and 3D maps with the '3D' checkbox.
  • A great circle helps to visualize the short and long path from your QTH to the DX Spot automatically.
  • You can easily spin the world with the mouse in real time for a better look at the path.
  • DXSpots as well as logged QSO's and cities can be picked from the map to display distance, bearing and QSO data.
    • Rolling over the spots displays their info in the map status line.
    • Clicking on a spot loads it into MacLoggerDX.
    • Cities are marked by orange points.
    • DX Spots are marked by green points.
    • Logged QSO's are marked by yellow points.