Mouse Trackpad and Keyboard Tuning

There are many ways to tune the VFO/Slice frequencies in dogparkSDR.


To quickly change the band of a Panadapter, position the HUD over the Panadapter and press one of the Band buttons on the HUD.

You can also center the HUD-selected Panadapter on any exisiting Slice freqeuncy with the Shortcuts or Contextual Center Pan menu selections.


Steppers and Sliders



Select the FlexControl port and enable the FlexControl check box, choose the actions from the popups (the VFO tuning step size for CW and RTTY is 10 Hz otherwise it is 100 Hz. The FlexControl is velocity sensitive so you can adjust the rate of change based on your rotation speed and cover the band quickly if you wish).


VFO Lines - Mouse



Keyboard modifiers: