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MacLoggerDX HD for iPad Support Page

MacLoggerDX Group

Quick Start

1) Enter your Call Sign and pick your DX Cluster from the Cluster Panel:

2) Select your call book from the Settings (Gear Icon) Popover:

(If you are using QRZ or HamCall enter your user name and password)

3) Enter a call sign to look up, or a DX Cluster command:

(If you hold down the numbers (123) button you can slide the same finger up to the number you want and when you lift off the screen it will return to the letters keyboard)



4) Import your log:

If your MacLoggerDX desktop log (.sql) or ADIF (.adi) file is in DropBox, open the DropBox app, select and share the file, select Open in... MacLoggerDX HD. These files can also be imported (shared) with AIrDrop or from the Mail app.



Log Panel

Map Panel

Cluster Panel

URL Scheme

Transferring Log and ADIF files using the Finder

MacLoggerDX HD can transfer logs with the name "MacLoggerDX_HD.sql" back and forth between Mac and iPad.

It can also Import from and Export to "MacLoggerDX_HD.adi"

Open the Finder and select your iPad in the Locations list, then select MacLoggerDX in your iPad Files.


You can drag the iPad log to the desktop or you can drag the desktop log to the iPad.

Transferring Log and ADIF files using Mail, AirDrop or iCloud Drive

MacLoggerDX HD can transfer logs and ADIF files back and forth between desktop computers and the iPad using Mail.

iOS 11 comes with the Files app which can share .sql log files from iCloud Drive.

Note: AIrDrop from iOS to/from MacOS requires Yosemite and iOS 8.


Bonjour Radio Sharing:

Share the radio connected to the MacLoggerDX server running on your Local Area Network.