Station Info Dialog

This dialog is presented when you run MacLoggerDX unregistered, or select "Station Info..." from the File Menu.

The Station Info dialog allows you to enter your Call Sign, Registration Number, Latitude and Longitude and/or Grid Square. If you enter your grid square, MacLoggerDX will calculate your approximate Latitude and Longitude. If you enter your Latitude and Longitude, MacLoggerDX will calculate your Maidenhead Grid Square. For information on the Maidenhead Grid Square Locator System click on this link... <> Control-clicking on the URL at the bottom of the window activates a contextual menu which allows you to copy the URL into the Clipboard, or jump to that URL.

You can use a GPS to determine your precise Latitude and Longitude, or look it up on the Internet here.

The rest of the Station Information (Name, Address, etc.) is used to print the return address on envelopes in the QSL Panel.

The Alarm eMail field is used to send DX alarms to your computer, cell phone or pager when rare DX not in your log pops up on the RF or Telnet DXClusters.

The Username: and Password: fields are for the QRZ Online and the HamCall Online subscription services lookup. If you don't want MacLoggerDX to attempt to use QRZ Online or HamCall Online for Internet lookups then select "Free Internet Lookup" or "" - they provide less detail, but there is no subscription fee.

The Test button allows you to test the Username and Password against your QRZ Online or HamCall Online subscription. If successful, your Session Key will appear in the Status: field for QRZ or status information for HamCall - otherwise an error message will be displayed.

The "Include Host Name in URL" checkbox should be checked if you are having problems with an ISP proxy server. (Use the "Test" button to check.)

The Purchase and Purchase 3D Buttons allow you to purchase MacLoggerDX and the 3D Option through the Kagi Web store. If you are an Amateur Radio Operator and you register through PayPal please email us your call sign.If you register through Kagi, please provide your call sign in the Kagi Web Store "Comments" field. If you do not have a call sign we can generate your registration code from your name, or email address. When you receive your registration number via email please enter your call and registration number in the "Call Sign" and "Registration" text fields and press the "OK" button.

Call Book Options

Service QRZ CD-ROM Free Internet Lookup QRZ Online Online Callsign Database
Speed Fastest Slowest Faster (depends on Internet bandwidth) Faster (depends on Internet bandwidth) Faster (depends on Internet bandwidth)
Cost 2 x $24.95 USD/Year + S&H $0.00 $29.95 USD/Year $52.00 USD/Year $0.00
Updates 6 months instant instant instant instant
Detail Good No email Excellent Excellent Good
QSL Images Yes No Yes No No
Other Considerations Does not require Internet connection for portable operation. No Longer Available. Requires Internet connection. Requires Internet connection. Requires Internet connection.