Data Base Revisioning

When the structure of the data base changes MacLoggerDX does the following when it opens or merges an older version log file:

This should all happen transparently to the end user but those of you who are using 3rd party tools to access the database will notice for example that after you open an old qso_table which has been converted to the newer qso_table_v002 the INTEGER fields dxcc_id, srx_numeric, stx_numeric and power now have the correct names (power was converted to real/fractional values in v007).

Data Base Version MacLoggerDX Version Table Name Schema Change
001 Version 5.00 qso_table Original
002 Version 5.15 qso_table_v002 Fixed power, srx_numeric, stx_numeric and dxcc_id names
003 Version 5.16 qso_table_v003 Fixed qso_start and qso_done GMT offset for DST
004 Version 5.49 qso_table_v004 Added SOTA
005 Version 5.49 qso_table_v005 Added My SOTA
006 Version 5.57 qso_table_v006 Added SKCC
007 Version 5.60 qso_table_v007 TX_PWR (power) changed from integer to real (milliwatts)

Notes for 3rd party report generators:

  1. time_on and time_off are stored as the number of seconds UTC since January 1, 1970 (plus or minus).
  2. if time_off is more than 24 hours before or after time_on MacLoggerDX V5.17 Beta 7 and later will display the time_on value (the default) for time_off.