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Contract Macintosh Software Design and Development

Some of Dog Park's Projects...

  • Amateur Radio Logging and Rig Control Software for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

  • Design work on MGI PhotoSuite 5 including GUI work and QuickTime Filters for OS 9 & X eg. Watercolor, Swirl etc.

  • Port of MacDopplerPRO to OS X.

  • QuickTime Movie Importer, Codec, Transcoder, Graphic Importer Components.

  • QuickTime 'alis' & 'url ' Data Handler Components.

  • Scanner and Digital Camera Drivers for MGI PhotoSuite.

  • PostScript Accelerator.

  • WWW Control Strip Module.

  • Macintosh Version of the IJG JPEG Libraries.

  • PhotoShop Import, Format, Plug-Ins.

  • Close Captioning Video Digitizer Decoder.

  • Native PPC 2D Graphics Accelerator.

  • JPEG and TIFF Image archiving.

  • Satellite tracking and RF Doppler correction software.

  • Communications Tool Box (CTB) Telnet Tool (TCP/IP).

  • Automated Testing procedures over Mac TCP/IP Sockets for Elliptic Curve Cryptographic (ECC) API.

  • Wire Photo Image Reception and Browser software.